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University Park Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair in University Park, TX

newly installed concrete slab

The team at University Park Foundation Repair is proud to provide the locals of the University Park, TX area with high-quality services that are designed to keep you safe and sound on solid ground. We conduct our services using state-of-the-art construction equipment along with strict attention to detail so that the work we do in fixing your foundation will not only look great but is set to last a lifetime.

As the number one, best repair contractors in this city, you can trust us for premium property repair services offered at some of the most affordable rates in the local region.

About Us

Look no further than the team at University Park Foundation Repair if you’re after high-quality property repair services, offered at an unbeatable rate. Our highly skilled contractors have spent years working in this industry, offering expert drainage solutions, professional foundation repairs, and house lifting, making all of your preppy upgrade projects a simple and easy process from start to finish. There are no projects too large or small for us to tackle with our first-class services and in-depth expertise, when you’re ready to get started on your foundation fix-ups, we are the team you can count on for a job well done.

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    Our Services

    If you’re searching for a fast foundation fix performed by a team of qualified foundation repair specialists, we are here to help. At University Park Foundation Repair, our contractors have years of experience repairing residential and commercial properties from top to bottom. Our services include everything from slab foundation repairs, pier and beam repairs, to fast gutter installation, and with some of the most affordable rates for professional foundation repair work, we are the smartest decision you can make for your home. With our expert foundation repair team, you can count on comprehensive services that are performed with the professional attention to detail that we are known for.

    shovel in the cement
    Slab Foundation Repair

    There are many different slab repair methods that are designed to address a variety of slab foundation damage, whether that’s concrete cracks, foundation sinkage, or shrinkage, and the team at University Park Foundation Repair is here with the comprehensive slab foundation repair services that you need. We have years of experience working in this industry, allowing us to tackle all of your tricky slab foundation fix-ups in no time at all.

    worker using a hydraulic jack
    Pier and Beam Repair

    Properties built with piers and beams are subject to shifting soil over time, and if you’re looking for fast and relabel pier and beam repair services, we are here to help. Our team of seasoned foundation repair specialists is here to reverse all broken beams, problematic piers, and crawl space cracks so you can rest easy knowing your property is in the best condition possible at the conclusion of our work.

    big house being lifted
    House Lifting & Raising

    There are numerous ways to lift and raise a house, and if you’re looking for the number one, most qualified team for the job we are here to help. Our highly skilled contractors work hard to elevate your property in order to protect your foundation from shifting soil and avoidable water damage. No matter if your home is currently reaching a critical low point or if you simply want to work proactively to secure your home, our team is the one you need for a fantastic final result.

    newly installed water drainage
    Drainage Solutions

    In working with our team at University Park Foundation Repairs, your drainage problem will be a distant memory as we work diligently to provide you with the smart drainage solutions you need, as soon as you need them. We offer clients a free, comprehensive foundation and drainage inspection that allows us to identify all existing drainage issues you may have, as well as identify any problems that may arise in the future. For premium drainage solutions that are designed for long-term results, our team is the one you can trust for a job well done.

    excavator digging the ground
    Commercial Foundation Repair

    Your foundation is an essential element in your commercial property, which is why it’s important to select a seasoned team of professionals when you need foundation repairs. We have worked in countless businesses, industrial warehouses, and commercial properties performing fast and reliable repair work. Sit back and relax knowing the best slab foundation repair specialists are working hard on your foundation upgrades, with affordable services that can fit within any budget.

    worker installing the gutter
    Gutter Installation

    In working on your gutter installation, the team at University Park Foundation Repair knows exactly what is needed to fit and secure high-quality gutters that look great and are installed to last a lifetime. With our comprehensive gutter installation services, you can be confident in the quality of your new and improved gutters and downspouts. For excellent drainage and water directed away from your property, our gutter installation services are exactly what you need for unparalleled roofing results.

    Contact Our Team Today

    Contact the team at University Park Foundation Repair if you’re ready to get started on your property repair projects with the number one, most trusted foundation repair company in the business. We have years of experience providing high-quality foundation repair services to locals struggling with cracked concrete, broken beams, or damaged gutters. Call us using the main contact number listed on our website to find out more about our wide range of services and how we can fix and repair your property problems in no time at all. Get in touch with us today, and find out why we are the top foundation repair specialists in the University Park area.

    I highly recommend the services of University Park Foundation Repair, this team was straight to my home after I noticed concerning concrete cracks in my crawl space. Luckily, these contractors were able to inspect the damage and perform fast foundation repairs. I am more than happy with their high-quality work and affordable service rates. I will continue to select them for all of my property repair projects in the future. Thanks for the great work, guys!” - Jane T

    After a comprehensive foundation inspection, the team at University Park Foundation Repair was able to identify some serious issues with my house foundation. I had no idea that concrete sinking can lead to expensive damage repairs if left unattended. I am so pleased with the foundation repair services from this friendly team, not only did they keep my house leveled and secure but they were professional and considerate throughout the entire process.” - Evan S

    I am blown away by the excellent services from University Park Foundation Repair. These hardworking professionals came straight to my home after I contacted them regarding a free foundation repair quote. I knew this team was being honest as they conducted a full inspection, I didnt realize that I had so many cracks in my basement and crawlspace. With affordable repair services and high-quality workmanship, my home looks great and I can rest easy at night. Thank you very much!” - Daniel K